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Project Name: PHOTOUR;

· PhoTouR: Photo Tour
· PhotOur: Photo Our
· PhotoUR:Photo Your

In Addition, PhoTournament: Photo Tournament will be a part of Photour and a competion will done at this part of the site for every week, month, year etc. The best photos of each time will be decided by the user’s votes.

Problem Description:
The subject system shares the collection of the photos with people which are compiled according to their properities like traditional places; nostalgic photos; important mosques, churches,buildings etc according to their regions, date, season, popularity etc. Users can request photos belongs to the place that he/she had not seen for years or for a place that he/she will go. Also, when users look at the primary school that he/she had graduate, they can find out their classmates that had not seen for years. Or else, the user can get some idea for tha place that he/she will go for travelling. It will be possible to attach comments for each photos of the system.
The users of the system are administrators,editors, owners of the photos and guests in the site.
The editors can be created for each part of the site(for each type of the photos, related editors of the part had better control so that preventing the unexpected photos in unexpected locations. Admins are responsible for the editors and editors control the photos in their sections and the owners of the photos who upload them in their parts and the forum part which is related with the photos of his or her section. If it is needed, then the editor can ban the owner to upload new photos and the owners’ profile . Similiarly, the administrators manage the editors. Guests only can look at the photos and if they want to write a request photo, or a critic about a photo in the forum side, then he or she must have an account.

Photos, Forums, Tournaments, Users and according the size of the project Videos can be added to the database as entities. There are different types of photos as I have mentioned before like traditional places, nostalgic ones, antiqe mosques, churches, buildings, cities etc. And photos have owners, comments, informations etc. Those are can be written as the attributes of the photos. The forum pages will be related with the photos and when user click “forum” just below a photo, then the system will take the user to the related part of the forum site. So similiar attributes can be created for the entity Forums. For each type of photos there will be little contests so that to decide the most populer photos for each type of the photos. The popularity of the photos will be decided according to the user’s votes. Each entities has a relationship with another one to connect the parts of the site. For example when a photo is selected, then there will be buttons that links the photo with the owner of the photo, the related forum side, other photos belogns to selected tags, other photos of the owner loaded etc.

CopyRight 2008, Numan GOCERI
Project for Information Management


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