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Guitar Hero III – a fantastic game

Have u ever played a guitar game or heard any?It’s not important whether your answer is yes or no because the game that i’ll tell u is the best one for it’s own class. Guitar Hero!. And finally the last version of it is “Guitar Hero III”. It’s an easy game to play and so fantastic i think. If you want to play a guitar or u love to play, then you had better test this game.
Here are the instructions:
“Pick your song. As the song progresses, colored markers indicating notes will travel down the screen in time with the music; the note colors and positions will match those of the five fret keys (#1-5 on keyboard).
Once the note(s) reaches the bottom, the player must play the indicated note(s) by holding down the correct keyboard keys and hitting the strumming bar (Enter/Return key) in order to score points.
Success or failure will cause the on-screen Rock Meter to change, showing how well the player is playing (denoted by red, yellow, and green sections).
Should the Rock Meter drop below the red section, the song will automatically end, with the player booed off the stage by the audience.”
If you wanna play now, then look below…
Have a funny day;)


June 19, 2008 - Posted by | guitar hero III, just play now

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